Like most people, we love well crafted business cards. Regardless of the digital era, business cards have remained a relevant and important marketing tool for businesses. According to Statistic Brain, almost 90% of business card recipients will toss a business card in less than a week. This brief article is to help you prevent that!

Several important aspects go into a highly impressionable business card. The first two are critical yet pretty straight forward, so we won’t talk much about them here. We will spend this article focusing on the the last one.

  • Professional Design
  • Professional Printing
  • Unique Flavor

I’d like to emphasize that without professional design and printing it won’t matter how unique your business card is, it will likely look or feel cheap and second rate. Now lets get to the fun part.


In the mid-15th century this was the standard method of printing using relief printing to indent the paper. It is becoming increasingly popular for flyers, brochures and business cards due to the hand crafted, and traditional feel.

  • business_card_Letterpress_02

    Clove St. Press

  • business_card_Letterpress_01

    Clove St. Press

  • business_card_Letterpress_03

    Clove St. Press

2Edge Color

This popular trend of adding color to the edges of the card is a clean and simple way to utilize your company’s color palette.


Clove St. Press

3Gold Foil

This method of utilizing gold on the card is a sure way to stand out. It tends to communicate elegance and high class when used appropriately.


Cutting Edge Designs


Straying from the traditional business card dimensions can be an effective and easy way to set yourself apart.

  • business_card_shape_02

    Jak Prints

  • business_card_shape_03

    Moo Cards

  • business_card_shape_01

    Clove St. Press

5Unique Material

Various material such as wood, plastic and metal can be used instead of traditional paper stock. These can be quite costly but will definitely leave a mark.


Smurk Creative


Although difficult to execute, adding an element of interaction to your business card design is a guaranteed way to grabbing someone’s attention.


Sinem Yildirim

Final Appeal

Remember, people trash roughly 90% of the business cards they receive within the first week. To beat the odds it’s essential to create a lasting impression with professional design, professional printing, and a unique approach from the traditional drab business card. These 6 unique options will ensure that your next batch doesn’t end up in the trash. And as a last appeal, please don’t compromise when it comes to professional visual design. Drop us a line if you need help with that…it’s what we do!