Monsters Love Movies too

Do you like goofy illustrated monsters? How about cheesy lines from famous films? Well we combined them so we hope you said yes to both of those!

We’re starting up a new series we call ‘Monsters Quoting Movies’ and we wanted to share. Watch the video and enjoy!


Snapshot — character design to cheesy line quoting in no time:

1Character Deign – We started with some basic concepts for this monster but wanted to keep them friendly. Mostly, we wanted a monster that was what we imagined a “fuzzy purple people eater” would look like without the people eating.

2Sound Design – The sound for this one has to be one of the worst lines from a good film we’ve ever heard. It’s from American Beauty (1999) and it’s, seriously, like a figurative car wreck of a line from a script (not included: the bit about the trash bag).

3Animation – The main motion here is the lip sync but several other subtle movements needed to be introduced to express the character’s personality such as eye movement, body positioning, and movement. We’re especially happy with the awkwardness conveyed.


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