The interesting thing about having a blog for your business is that if it’s never updated people assume one of two options – either the business is no longer around or the business is so incredibly busy that they don’t have time to update their own blog. For Immersus Media, it is most assuredly the latter option. If the nature of our business is a “feast or famine” cycle, then we’re getting fat from feasting for so long.

Status Update

Business is good. We have worked on some amazing projects just in the last six months and we will definitely be highlighting several of those in the coming weeks (and months). We’ve also got some really cool stuff brewing that I can’t quite talk about that I’m VERY excited about. Stay tuned.

Garden_City_ChurchOne project that we literally just launched today can be seen at This site was a blast to work on and will only continue to get better as we continue to work with Garden City Church on getting their vision translated to the web.

We’re also working on revamping our own site, which is surprisingly difficult to pull off when your job consists largely of producing amazing websites for other companies. I’m excited about how the new site design is shaping up though and can’t wait to get this live sometime relatively soon (crosses fingers).

Growing our team

Are you a freelance web designer, web developer, or graphic designer?
Immersus Media needs you!

If you know someone who might be a good fit then send them our way. We’re passionate about our work and love what we do. It’s hard and challenging sometimes, but that is a big part of why we love it. We’re looking to expand our team. Hit us up: