Lindsey's Work Station

There is something fantastic about a clean, beautiful work-space that has been intentionally designed to inspire. I’m talking about the type of place that is so well put together that you just don’t want to leave. We’re all influenced by our environment and when the sticky notes, coffee cups, and dust bunnies pile-up it become increasingly more difficult to focus, relax and create.

We’re committing to bringing you a monthly dose of incredible professionals that have found the value of an amazing workspace.

The Freedom of the Home Office

Behold (at the start of this post) the quaint and peaceful work space of Lindsey Chronert, topped off with the loving company of her two kitties that remind her of the ‘simple joys in life’. This quaint home office was a moment stopper for me as I hustled through my daily Instagram feed.

Once I began working at home, I began excelling in terms of my output and productivity.

Lindsey ChronertLindsey is a self-taught freelance designer with a background in marketing, event planning and charity work. Like many entrepreneurs, she has tapped into the aesthetic and functional value of an elegant home work space.

Working in this amazing space from home has allowed her to grow as a designer, manager her time better and take on more clients. She actually owns her schedule, leaving room for her personal life without feeling guilty.

As far as decor, I just want it to make me happy. Juggling multiple clients and deadline-driven projects can be frustrating, exhausting and sometimes overwhelming. Having a beautiful desk with small reminders of my “normal” life or things that bring me joy are important. I have a couple notes from friends that keep my thoughts positive and remind me that I’m loved.

Lindseys_catLindsey often takes a break to smell the rosemary leaves crushed between her fingers, or to light the lemon verbena scented soy candle for a little aromatherapy. She prefers living plants, but is surrounded with fresh cut peonies and tuberose due to her recently birthday celebrated.  Above all, Lindsey shares the value of her furry little coworkers.

They roll around in the sunlight or jump on my desk to bump their little noggin against mine……my mood almost instantly changes from sour to sweet.

Ditching the Clutter

Still feeling numb to the clutter? Still having trouble believing that a well designed working environment directly influences your happiness, effectiveness, and creativity? Check out this article by the AANA that details how the clutter is actually damaging your health:

For those of you that scan and skim here are a few simple tips that will help bring your working environment to life.

  1. Inspiration – decorate with colors, plants, images or phrases that embody your passions, visions and interests.workstation_inspiration
  2. Function – keep it balanced and don’t go overboard with minimalism.  Keep your frequently used items close and easily accessible.workstation_function
  3. Comfort – don’t underestimate how important proper ergonomics are. Trust me, you can’t be productive with pinched nerves and chronic back pain.workstation_comfort
  4. Cleanliness – this extends beyond dust bunnies and bacteria levels. Design your surroundings with simplicity in mind.workstation_cleanliness

To top it off, here are a good pinterest boards with incredible work spaces and stations: