As part of our series on amazing work stations we’ve tracked down yet another talented creative that takes the necessary time to design and maintain a stunning home office environment.

As you may have found in our previous post, Lindsey invited us into her clutter free, beautiful work space and shared how her home office decor is an important component in maintaining creativity and focus. Today we showcase the wonderful work space of a young thirty something entrepreneur named Nick Abrams. Our hope is to inspire you to step up the aesthetic value of your surroundings.


till_office_23A key feature of this work-space the utter simplicity. This clean and concise layout allows Nick to maintain a clutter free mind. It’s essential that Nick stays clear minded as he serves businesses with branding, video production, user experience design as well as print and web design. It’s fairly simple, when his work space gets chaotic it means that he is overwhelmed and his mind is distracted.

Having a peaceful place to work is a huge part of my ability to focus and create. I feel like my environment is a reflection of my mind so whenever I have a clean work space, I know I’ll be able to make things happen.


till_nickAfter 7 years in the agency world, Nick decided to break out on his own. His small (and powerful) operation focuses on strategy and design for clients that are doing good things in the world. He now has the freedom to work on projects that are a little closer to his heart. Speaking of hearts, having personally hung out in Nick’s office you can literally see his personality and essence in the way he treats his space. As He described the passion in his work we took note that his office embodies these same themes:

I love taking complex ideas and creating simple, beautiful, functional solutions.


till_office_01It only take a few moments in Nick’s office to pick up on the essence of his creativity. It’s a beautiful combination of professional and personal. His casual, laid back, side shows in the couch with a guitar by its side. His creativity marks the walls with his hand made wooden company logo and several personal painting. His dedication shows when studying his whiteboard filled with amazing charts, graphs, definitions and quotes. His focus and intentionally is apparent by the clean and simplistic furniture layout.

If you are anything like me, it’s going to take you a while to get to the same discipline level as Nick. For the time being we will leave you with a few simple tips that Nick uses to maintain a healthy working environment.


Tips for a more effective home office

  1. Creative Decor: Tastefully decorate the room with a few beautiful items, including some of which you yourself have created. This can help keep you inspired, encouraged and even build your brand identity.
  2. De-Clutter: Messy office = messy mind…simple as that.
  3. Open Canvas: Having a whiteboard or chalkboard can help prompt creative expression and keep you on track. It provides the space to sketch, jot down notes, write important reminder, and of course create amazing diagrams (go Nick!).
  4. Work vs. Home Life: Avoid being sucked-in to endless amounts of work. Create a disciplined work schedule and a literal physical separation between the ‘office’ and the rest of your home.