Cross Comparison

For some organizations it is difficult to stomach the cost of a re-design without really understanding the difference it will make. We like to show comparisons like the following to give our future clients an idea of the huge difference a re-design can make. Other improvements with the user interface and information architecture are less visual but also make a major impact on user experience.


A Modern Approach

Good design goes a long way by instantly establishing credibility with viewers. As essential as it may be it is also key to establish a pleasant user flow by building in good functionality such as responsive design, that allows the site to be property viewed across all devices.


Visual Theme

Establishing a strong visual theme to carry throughout a site makes it feel uniform and purposeful. This includes establishing a visual hierarchy and other consistent cues or rules to apply to the entire site.

We’re strong proponents of keeping a site’s visuals cohesive throughout. Anyone can make one component look good; we believe in making those components look good together.


Custom Illustration

In order to make the utmost visual impact we custom illustrated several elements throughout the site such as icons and various supportive visuals.