A New Experience

Re-designing the DayOne Response website was especially rewarding considering that they are actively saving lives with there line of products through clean drinking water. Although site architecture didn’t change much, the interface improvements dramatically improve the user experience. As you can see with the before and after comparison, the visual aesthetic has been improved considerably.

Shopping Experience

Aside from improving the visual design our primary marketing objective was to develop a highly functional e-commerce platform in order to sell products directly through the site. As usual, we work diligently establish a clear sales funnel in order to optimize the user experience and sell more product.



Responsive Design

It is a standard practice for our studio to designing and developing websites in a way that look and function great at various sizes on all devices. You can learn more about responsive design here.


A Balanced Presentation

Finding the balance between the visual elements and written content takes time but can easily make or break the way a user experiences an interface. We are confident that with this site we established a clean yet flexible layout with strong visual hierarchy.