The Ground Up

What we did for The Aging Advocate: designed the visual identity, designed and built a website, and created a web-commercial.

The Aging Advocate is an inspiring brand created to ensure that all people in Arizona can have access to information about the Senior Heath Care system. The goal is to help people make informed decisions and successfully navigate the highly complex health care system. This goal played into all aspects of our work. This includes logo design, color choice, font selection, user interface design, animation style, sound design and dozens of other creative choices that help cater the brand to the target market and provide easy access to relevant information.


Brand Identity

When designing the logo for The Aging Advocate we made efforts to keep the presentation simple and easy to read while maintaining a sense of character with the letter A.

Explainer Video

This short commercial web-video was structured in a way that is commonly referred to as an ‘explainer video’. This forty second piece is a character and motion graphics driven animation that was create to market the launch of the service.

One of the most fun parts of creating an explainer video like this is the design process. Below are some samples of illustrations used throughout the video. We’ve also included a sample animation of our character’s walk cycle. Notice the subtle differences that convey a completely different mood.

Aging_Advocate_character_design_Image_Immersus_Media-02 Aging_Advocate_character_design_Image_Immersus_Media-01

Information Architecture

Given the target demographics (those who would need advice about the Senior Healthcare system), a big aim for the site was to make sure it was as easy to use as possible. This meant solid typography, an easy to navigate menu, and information laid out plainly.


The Senior Health Care flowchart (see footage below) was one of the more elaborate pages on the site. The purpose of the page is to easily communicate ‘next steps’ for someone navigating the healthcare system in Arizona. The page utilizes conditional elements that only appear when needed as the user selects at which step they are currently.