Garden City Logo Animation

One of the more recent projects we’ve completed for Garden City Church is this logo animation to be used as a bumper for all of their videos. Check out the rest of the work we’re doing for Garden City here.

Sam Larson Logo Animation

This simple signature logo animation was created for Sam Larson, a well known West Coast illustrator.

Dang man! Just played it like 20 times in a row. Love it! I think Sam was pleased with the results. This is exactly why we love animation…if executed properly it brings to life an already amazing design.

The Aging Advocate Logo Animation

This is a sneak peak from an upcoming explainer video animation (and website) we’re creating for Aging Advocate. I can’t stop watching the video! It is AMAZING and we both love it so much. This awesome brand provides free resources and information to retired folks so that they can easily navigate the health care system of Arizona. Check out the full video in the context of the website here.

Lucas Bell Logo Animation

This motion logo was designed for Lucas Bell’s upcoming prosperity coaching video series.Looking great! The work is superb. I look forward to creating more in the future! You can check out the application here.

Immersus Media Logo Animation

Thanks to the very talented Peder Rottiger we now have a whimsical animation of our icon!

Let There Be Bite

This logo animation was in collaboration with another studio.  The animation was completed by our very talented Peder Rottiger.

Center for Sustainable Energy California

This logo animation was completed by our very talented Peder Rottiger.

My Howz

Created for a sister company of Hofmann Architecture, this plate is slotted to play before their DIY series.

Furrow Surf Craft

We are honored to have had the opportunity to bring this amazing Furrow Surf Craft creature to life with some animation love.