Brand Identity and Web Design

We enjoy every time we have the opportunity to partner on both the brand and web presence. It allows us to create a brand personality and express it throughout all aspects of the visual identity and web site experience. We observe that it often leads to a more cohesive creation.


Logo Design

This is the custom identity design we came up with the brand. Since the brand offers consultation in addition to other website services, we felt that the nautical theme was a great way to accent there way of leading clients through the journey.


Custom Illustration and Icon Design

Ever detail counts when carrying a visual theme throughout a website. In this case, the nautical theme was best accented with custom illustrated icons. We even added animation as you can see in the video at the bottom.


Responsive Design Standard

All of our web design projects come standard with important design and interface features such as responsive design which allows users to quickly and properly view the site on any device or screen size.


Site in Motion

Below is a quick overview video of the site while accenting the responsive design.

For more sites like this check out our portfolio.